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Troll Cross Necklace - Viking - To My Viking Mom- My Loving Mother - Gnfq19002


Been searching for a special Viking gift for your Mom for her Birthday, Valentines, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Graduation, etc? Something that is beautiful and meaningful? How about getting a Troll Cross Necklace with your love message along?

A Vikingtroll crossis a cross-cut or carved on an object, or above a door or window, to prevent trolls or evil spirits from entering and harming people or property.

This masterfully hand-forged Viking "Troll Cross" pendant is made of black iron. Pendants and symbols like this were once worn by Vikings and people of northern Scandinavian countries to protect them from trolls.

A lovely message is sent along with the bracelet which would even make your gift more romantic and thoughtful.

She might have everything in life but she might have not received anything that is so special like this present before, especially from you.


  • Pendant: Iron Alloy
  • Chain: Normal Chain & Stainless Steel chain
  • Length: 50 - 70 cm
  • Suitable for casual outfits

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