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Dog Tag Keychain - Dear Mom, Thank You For Being My Mom - Gkn19011


To make yourMom/ Motherhappy, you don’t have to do anything really big. You just need to express your love to let her know that you always think and care for her. A keychain with asentimental messagewill be a great gift idea on special occasions like Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc… or simply just a gift for those ordinary days.

Made from tough stainless steel and skillfully engraved with meaningful message, thisdog tag keychainwill be with your Mom all the time, making her feel proud and loved by her lovely child.

dog tag engraved keychain for mom

These beautiful words will mean a lot to your Mom.

"Dear Mom,

Thank You For Being My Mom.

If I Had A Different Mom,

I Would Punch Her In The FaceAnd Go Find You.

Love, Your Favorite."

It becomes quite easy to express your love... only until you find out about this keychain gift idea.

Make your gift look nicer with a handmade gift box. Simply select the available option “Buy with handmade gift box +$5” before adding to cart

dog tag engraved keychain for mom n a gift box


  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Pocket size: 1.61" x 0.98" (41 x 25mm)

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