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Dog Tag Keychain - To my Future Wife, Never Forget That I Love You - Gkn15001


What is the best gift idea for your Future Wifeforher Birthday, Valentines, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Graduation, etc? Why not surprisingher with a small, simple but thoughtful gift?

This dog tag keychain/ keyring will be withher side by side, wherevershe goes so she can feel that you are always there for her. It is useful and practical, but also is able to convey the meaning of your love.

dog tag engraved keychain for future wife

The cute message, skillfullylaser engraved on the keychain, is specifically designed for you to express your love in the most subtle way

"To my future wife

Never Forget That I Love You.

Sometimes It's Hard To Find Words To Tell You.

How Much You Mean To Me. If I Did Anything Right In My Life.

It Was When I Gave My Heart To You, You Are My Best Friend, My Soulmate, My Everything.

I Love You! <3"

She might have everything in life but she might have not received anything that makes her feel special like this present before.

Make your gift look nicer with a handmade gift box. Simply select the available option “Buy with handmade gift box +$5” before adding to cart

dog tag engraved keychain for future wife in a gift box


  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Pocket size: 1.61" x 0.98" (41 x 25mm)

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