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January 19, 2020

Valentine's Day is not just a commercial day to get people buying gifts for each other, it has more meaning than just a day to give gifts to the loved one.

It is a great occasion for you to take a further step for a new relationship if you have someone in mind, to spice up your relationship if you are in one or even to propose to her. 

It will be a great lost if you miss this day because you can disappoint her for an unprepared Valentine's Day. Hence, take it more seriously and make a strategic plan for your V-day following this easy guide.

1. When is the best time to prepare Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day 2020 Calendar

At least 2 weeks before the Valentine's Day, you should make the plan for dinner, what types of activities to do together and a special gift to give her. 

You don't want her favorite restaurant to be booked out, which is 100% likely to happen on February 14th. 

You don't want her favorite show that she has been non-stop talking to be sold out.

You don't want to rush to a mall to pick just a random souvenirs displayed in the store, but you are not sure if she will like it or not.

Take sometimes to do a research on these things and yes sometimes it will take more than just 1 or 2 days to figure them all out. 

2. Where to get the ideas for your Valentine's Day plan?

It is not too hard to figure all the things out, either by yourself or from her close friends and family

You just need to pay a little more attention about what she has recently mentioned about the new restaurants she wants to try, the show or movie that she wants to go and what she likes to buy.

Women will usually talk about these things without intention or even with intention that she wants you to do it for her.

If she doesn't talk much about it, you can ask her best friends or her closest family member. Surely they will be willing to help you to make your perfect plan for her.

3. How to choose the best options for Valentine's Day?

Once you have a list of what to do and to give her on Valentine's Day, you should choose the best options which you personally think it will be the best for her and you also like those too.

It won't be perfect if you pick her favorite Indian restaurant while you can't stand the Indian spices. She can go there with her friends or family who actually can enjoy the food with her at another time.

V-day is the day for both of you, so do something that you two will enjoy together

As to choose her gift, it doesn't need to be something for only herself, it could be a matching couple gift set that both of you can use together. The gift set can even strengthen your relationship since the matching belongings clearly state the strong bond between you two.

Like this Heart Necklace And Keychain Gift Set,  it's simple but very lovely as a couple matching set. 

Heart Necklace and Keychain Gift Set for Couples.

Women just simply love to carry something matching with their partner. 

To Sum Up

Getting these 3 things done then you are all set for a perfect plan. Just make sure you follow it, especially don't wait until the Valentine's Week to start, you can even start to do it one month earlier because the more time you put your effort on, the better the result is.