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January 19, 2020

Valentine's Day is not just a commercial day to get people buying gifts for each other, it has more meaning than just a day to give gifts to the loved one.

It is a great occasion for you to spice up your relationship if you are in one or even express your feelings to someone in your mind if you like to make the move first.

Whatever status he and you are in right now, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to help you to get closer to him. Don’t stress out! It is not hard to make your Valentine's Day to be more special than ever, you just need to follow these 3 simple tips.

1. Where To Get The Ideas To Surprise Him On Valentine’s Day?

The idea of letting the man organize the Valentine’s Day is such a conservative way of thinking. Why not being a proactive partner to surprise him this year? It will even surprise him more since he would might never expect you to make a Valentine’s plan.

Start thinking from his usual routines or his interests.

If your man loves basketball, get tickets for the match of his favorite team and go with him.

If he likes riding motorcycle, get him gifts like this biker's collection.

Bike keychain for your man

If he likes drinking whiskey, get him a bottle of his all-time favorite, or take him to a whiskey bar.

Now you know how to expand your ideas for your Valentine’s Day Plan.  

2. Make Something By Yourself

It is great to make a DIY gift because there’s nothing more valuable than something you do it on your own. It can show how much your love and care for him is.

You can make a dinner with his favorite food on Valentine’s Day, instead of going out for dinner. If he likes cooking, you can ask him to join you. It is more about the time you spend together on this special day, so make every moment being together count.  

This simple mason jar of chocolate like this can be another idea for you to consider.

chocolate mason jar

If you are not good at doing something on your own, it is also alright. Don’t push yourself to do anything too complicated. Pick the most simple thing you can possibly make. It is not about a 10/10 result, it is more about the efforts and love that you put on your gift.

3. Don’t Set High Expectation On Valentine’s Day

One of biggest mistakes of women is to expect too much on how their partner will put up a perfect Valentine’s Day.

He might not be a good planner and might not be a romantic type of guy. He might not know how to make your date to be perfect as you expect. Things might not go well as planned, just take it easy and be flexible. You can help him to “save” it by your own surprise to him. That’s how magical love can be, because love has to be an interaction from both sides.

To Sum Up

Focus on these 3 simple things then you will make a difference for your relationship. The most important thing is to you make things go naturally. You don’t need to force yourself something that you are unable to do, but making some efforts even on things that you are not good at could be worth a try too. Surprise him with your own potentials that he has never thought of!