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January 20, 2020

New Year Resolutions is about setting goals to motivate yourself towards better things for your life. These 5 resolutions are the most important things that you should consider because they are not only just for yourself, but also for the goods of your family. 


Walking is the best perfect form of physical exercises for seniors. It is an easy form of exercise that you will be able to keep up in long-term.

Walking improves Cardiovascular Health, fights weight problems, boosts your immune system, prevents and reduces pain from Arthritis.

Another great thing about walking is that it’s suitable to all ages, which means you can ask anyone in your family to join you.

If you have been doing exercise, continue to do so and maybe even set higher or more challenging target for yourself. If you have been neglecting it, start small first and be disciplined with yourself until walking becomes your regular habit.


It’s been said “You are what you eat”, so be healthy from the inside as well. You should care about what you eat every day.

Your daily intake should be monitored well to make sure you consume enough nutrition and also have a great balance.

Make a meal plan for your whole week to control your diet well. Your children or grandchildren might be able to help you to do this plan since they surely care for your health a lot.


You don’t really need to know much about what is out there on the internet world, but learning the technology that your family is using will enable you to get closer to them.

A mobile application (app) like messenger can help you to text, call or video call your family members without any constraints of time and space.

The good thing about these types of apps is that you can instantly share your current thoughts or activities to your loved ones, which can make everyone feel to be closer to each other.


Young generations always like to learn the best things from their parents or grandparents. Share your handy tips on how to revive those beautiful roses bush in your garden or your secret recipe for the apple pie.

Make them proud to have all of your useful tips and secrets. This is also a good way to get the kids to understand you more and to have more and more beautiful memories with you.


You should talk and resolve any matters that your family have been pulling off last year. Truth is tough sometimes but being straightforward about your wills to the family is also important.

Let everyone express their thoughts and problems. Communication is always the best way to understand each other.


As you can see, this Top 5 Resolutions are not hard to achieve, aren’t they? You just need to start slowly and practice to do them frequently until they become your own habits. If you haven’t had your own list, we hope this list can be yours this year or at least a few of them.

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